Myerson Wealth

While there are many aspects to business succession planning, Myerson Wealth focuses on the need for planning in the event of a sale of the business, the business owner’s death, disability, or ultimate retirement. We work directly with the owners of closely held businesses to identify the most likely candidates for acquiring the business. These are usually

In all such circumstances, Myerson Wealth will develop the ideal plan to maximize the value of the business to the founder/owner and his/her family. Often, these plans utilize Buy-Sell agreements between the owner and the intended purchaser of the owner’s interest in the business. The agreement would normally require the owner or his/her estate to sell their interest in the business in the event of the owner’s death, disability, or retirement, while at the same time committing the intended purchaser to follow through on the transaction.

Most often, these buy-sell agreements are funded with life and disability insurance. Life insurance contracts can be created not only to fund a transfer in the event of an owner’s death but can be designed to provide sufficient cash to allow a purchaser to either completely fund or deliver a significant deposit on the retirement of the owner. Myerson Wealth has implemented and funded numerous such arrangements.

In addition to Buy-Sell Planning and Funding, we also provide the following other business continuity planning: