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From a Business Owner’s perspective, the biggest burden we face is income taxes. In California, the combined top federal and State marginal income tax rate is currently 53%. We do not have a single client who does not find this burden objectionable. Myerson Wealth has a number of sophisticated strategies to help these business owners significantly reduce their tax burdens.

Ask yourself these questions:

Myerson Wealth does not provide tax advice. This should only be provided by one’s CPA or tax attorney. However, we can help identify areas where a company is significantly overpaying on their taxes, or find legitimate opportunities for tax reduction. Depending on the nature of the entity, these tax savings can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. We only identify those strategies that are considered to be “black-letter” in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service. That is, those strategies that are written into the current tax code and do not involve risk if implemented in accordance with existing law.

We would be happy to provide a free initial consultation to see how we can be of benefit to you and your Company.