Myerson Wealth

Over the many years we’ve been providing accumulation and preservation strategies to our clients, we have become more and more focused on the need to make sure the Container (life insurance) is as important as the Content (cash). The impact of taxes, litigation and other unplanned events (such as death or divorce) make it essential to have a plan that includes all the available protections against the devastating impact of these forces.

We believe the reality of high income tax rates are a fact of life, which, given economic realities of our nation’s debt, are not only here to stay, but could sadly be substantially higher when the time comes for most of us to retire. The impact of income taxes is possibly the greatest risk we face on our ability to retire in comfort—greater than market volatility, inflation, and asset value erosion. At Myerson Wealth, we are singularly focused on designing strategies that allow for the tax-efficient growth and distribution of assets. These strategies are designed to hold assets to provide maximum growth through both the products and the surrounding container.

Our philosophy is simple: we encourage our clients to maximize and take advantage of any and all qualified (pre-tax) retirement plans available to them. However, for most of the clients we deal with, qualified planning alternatives do not provide adequate funding to retire with sufficient income to support their lifestyle. Hence, there is a significant need to find tax-efficient alternatives to qualified retirement plans. Most commonly, these are engineered to