Myerson Wealth

As a family office, you have unique circumstances—and opportunities—to minimize estate taxes and maximize wealth transfer. You also have a much greater responsibility beyond simply the management of the investment portfolio, which in turn opens several doors in terms of wealth preservation vehicles.

Many advisors and business managers accept and acknowledge the importance of incorporating life insurance into planning solutions for family offices. This is a field that requires specific knowledge and expertise, and to be implemented properly, most family office advisors outsource life insurance strategy and execution.

At Myerson Wealth, we work extremely closely with our clients’ financial advisors to accomplish long-term wealth goals. With ultra-high net worth families, it is particularly valuable and imperative to plan as far ahead as possible. The successful incorporation of life insurance solutions to a portfolio can offer a blend of low risk/high reward non market-correlated returns, and peace of mind not possible without this as part of a portfolio.