Myerson Wealth

As a non-profit organization or credit union, you have unique financial, regulatory and administrative challenges. Myerson Wealth understands the nature of these challenges and the solutions available to overcome them. We can assist you in following ways:

  1. To recruit, retain, reward and retire key executives in your organization, we structure and implement Executive Compensation and/or Deferred Compensation plans, to implement or significantly enhance 457 (f) arrangements.
  2. To enhance your yields on short- to mid-range cash reserves, we provide strategies likely to increase 3-5 year assets by as much as 2%-3% annually. And we can provide these alternatives while potentially lowering investment risk.
  3. To increase revenue, our Planned Giving Services team will work with donors to use Life Insurance – Intelligently Engineered® to generate new or increase existing pledges and donations.

We do not replace existing professional advisors but work hand-in-hand with them to implement recommended strategies. Call us for a no cost, no obligation discussion.