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Free Life Insurance “Tune-Ups”

Myerson Wealth Life Insurance "Tune-Up"

Over the last few months, we have been asked by several advisors to assist with a review of their clients’ life insurance portfolios. Some of these requests were prompted by changes in client circumstance, others by adjusted client expectations due to changes in policy crediting rates, while others because of absentee agents. In all cases […]

The Most Common Uses of a Joint-Life, Second-to-Die Life Insurance Policy

A Menu Change I recently wrote a Monthly Update titled “What’s New on the Menu,” describing a new and important practice area for Myerson Wealth working with non-profit entities. To view that blog post, click here. This information below, however, may have significantly more importance to you and your clients. Much like many financial and technological products, […]

Of Wills and Wine

Earlier this year I received a call from a very dear friend (and client) that would set in motion a series of events that has impacted my life in ways I would not have imagined. It’s taken me several months to write this, but of all the blogs I’ve written, this might be the most […]

The Winning Recipe of Indexed Universal Life

Have you ever been to a chili cook-off? Perhaps you’ve even participated in one. I’ve participated in many, none of them professionally, but that never prevented me from engineering my very best recipe. I’ve done traditional ground beef, braised chuck, chicken, vegetarian, and more. I’ve done hot, mild, sweet, with beans and no beans, and […]

Return on the Sequence of Returns

Don’t Spoil Your Dinner! When crafting a dinner party menu, many things come into play. Who are the guests at the table? Do they have any food restrictions or aversions? Does the menu follow a logical culinary progression? Slowly and meticulously I build the menu, course upon course, until I’m satisfied I have the right […]