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Four Essential Elements

Executing a great multi-course, wine-paired dinner for a large number of guests requires four essential elements: significant Preparation and Practice, exceptional Products, and Passion. Without all four elements combining with one another, one could still execute a good meal, but the likelihood of it being great is slim to none.

By now, many of you know I like to analogize my experiences in the kitchen with my professional practice. This message is no exception and I believe this piece to be the most important yet in connecting my two worlds…and make sure you get to the passion part!

Financial and insurance planning requires the identical elements to planning a great meal. When selecting and working with your advisor, you need to make sure of the following:

  • Preparation and Practice: Has the advisor taken the time to accumulate the knowledge and experience to get you to your end result? A great meal is the product of hundreds of hours of learning and thousands of hours of practice. And that’s before planning the actual meal, which itself takes much forethought about the menu and the people at the table. There is no difference professionally: your advisor should have the credentials, knowledge and experience before you begin working with them. And when you do, you must be equally sure they take the necessary time to fully understand your goals and objectives, what you care about and why.
  • Products: Does the advisor have access to the broadest base of exceptional products, or are they strongly motivated to use products from a particular carrier? You need to make sure the product is selected to fit your goals and objectives and not the other way around. Make sure the products in your plan aren’t “mutton dressed up as lamb.”
  • Passion: Does the advisor approach what they do with a love and passion to make sure that no details is left out and that you have a complete understanding of the products and process? Passion is often the missing leg of the stool when it comes to preparing a great meal. Without it you will undoubtedly leave the table feeling unfulfilled. Dr. Maya Angelou, the legendary poet and author is quoted as saying: “People may forget what you say; people may forget what you do; but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is the passion of a great meal. Make sure it’s also incorporated into your financial plan.

Eat well, drink well, and live well!


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