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Free Life Insurance “Tune-Ups”

Myerson Wealth Life Insurance "Tune-Up"

Over the last few months, we have been asked by several advisors to assist with a review of their clients’ life insurance portfolios. Some of these requests were prompted by changes in client circumstance, others by adjusted client expectations due to changes in policy crediting rates, while others because of absentee agents. In all cases but one, we were able to significantly benefit the policyholder and, therefore, the advisor who asked us to perform the review, as well.

Hence, we recognized the much broader need to provide this service. Consequently, Myerson Wealth makes the following offer: to provide your clients, through you, a free life insurance “tune-up.” We will deliver a non-biased, comprehensive analysis of your clients’ existing life insurance portfolio to make sure it does the following:

  • Provides the benefits, be they at death or living benefits, as originally intended
  • Is adjusted as necessary, and as quickly as possible, if not performing as originally planned
  • Minimizes premiums and maximizes results to produce the best value to the policy-owner
  • Maximizes value on sale of the portfolio through a life-settlement arrangement if the policy is no longer required

There will be no charge to you or your client for this service. We can even do this behind the scenes and have the recommendations come directly from you. Our goal is simply to demonstrate how we can benefit you and your clients moving forward.

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