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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly well Issued a Life Insurance Policy

Historically, the 4th Quarter of most calendar years presents significant opportunities for clients seeking a life insurance policy.

Many life insurance carriers, particularly Stock Companies – companies owned by outside shareholders and run by an incentivized management team (which account for the majority of life insurance carriers in the US today) – are behind in their annual quota of business placed during the year. Hence, in certain circumstances, particularly larger cases, they are willing to make underwriting concessions they may not have earlier in the year.

Year after year we see impaired risk cases that have previously been flatly declined or very heavily rated that get issued in an acceptable risk category during the 4th quarter. This includes certain diabetes, heart, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other impaired risk cases.

Now is an exceptional time to advise a friend or client to contact their agent if you are aware of any issues that may have prohibited them from purchasing life insurance coverage.

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