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Spring is still a month or two away (although anyone living in SoCal may be pardoned for thinking differently). Spring brings us a freshness—not just in our natural environment, but for many of us, in our personal ecosystem as well. As most of you know, we endeavor to provide much more than insurance services to our clients. Our new name, Myerson Wealth, aims to capture the breadth of wealth advisory services we offer. To that end, spring has already sprung at Myerson Wealth both in the form of our new name and an added service offering: servicing the unique needs of the Non-Profit Organization.

An elegant example of the coming of spring can be seen on the menus of many haute cuisine restaurants, with the introduction of spring ingredients: vibrant greens, seasonal fish and shellfish and aptly named spring lamb. At Myerson Wealth, we’re not typically in the habit of changing our menu of services. However, this year we have added a new strategy to our existing lines of business i.e.Wealth Transfer Planning, Business Owner Exit and Succession Planning, and Wealth Accumulation Planning for our HENRY clients (High Earner, Not Rich Yet). Our fourth client “bucket” is now the Non-Profit Organization. Myerson Wealth is working with these entities in three primary areas:

  • To enhance executive retirement §457(f) plans. These plans are typically designed to retain and reward key executive management at the Non-Profit organization. At Myerson Wealth, we incorporate strategies to deliver greater and more tax-effective distributions to the organization’s key executive team. This is particularly important given recent tax law changes impacting very highly compensated non-profit executives.
  • To enhance yields on short and mid-term deposits. Myerson Wealth is able to increase typical yields on short and mid-term (1-5 years) liquid assets. Using Intelligently Engineered life insurance, we can provide greater return on these assets without increasing risk or reducing liquidity.
  • To substantially enhance Planned Giving. We employ proven strategies to increase the value of charitable gifts to non-profit entities.

As part of the launch of the Non-Profit division of our company, and to say how much we appreciate your support, Myerson Wealth has made donations, in the name of our clients and friends, to the following organizations: SOVA, an organization feeding thousands of hungry Angelenos, regardless of race or religion; The Guardians, an organization supporting the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging; and the Los Angeles Chapter of Make a Wish Foundation, which needs no amplification.

Here’s to the amazing work done by the charitable organizations in this country. Hopefully, we can do our part to aid and abet their success.

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