Myerson Wealth

Today’s Menu: Exit Planning

Have you ever heard about the guy who sold his business for millions and thought “lucky sod?” I’ll bet if you’re honest with yourself, the answer is probably “yes.” Now, think about the last time you had a really incredible meal in someone’s home. Several courses, from hors d’oeuvres through dessert, perhaps even wine-paired. The […]

Lessons From a 93-Year-Old

I was recently introduced to the most wonderful 93-year-old gentleman. The work we did for him transformed me from a convert to a crusader on a particular cause, and compelled me to share the message with anyone who cares to listen: “Fred” bought a life insurance policy in the comparatively “heady” days of the early […]

Such Sweet Leverage…

Believe me, there is nothing wrong with a chocolate molten lava cake. In fact, it’s probably my most favorite dessert, both to make and eat. But with a slight change to the recipe we can leverage the lava cake into one of the world’s most beloved desserts: the chocolate soufflé. Using the exact same ingredients […]

Leftovers… Of Food and Wealth, Part 1

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” -Calvin Trillin, American writer and journalist  One of the many enjoyable by-products of hosting a full-scale dinner party is receiving the phone call that invariably comes from one or […]

Your Worth is Worth the Wait

Memorial Day! For many, this is a day of remembrance often coupled with the first family BBQ of the season. For the Myerson Family, this year was no exception. Different this year, however, was the very slow cooked Kansas City style baby-back ribs I smoked for the first time. Here, I must give a shout […]

Thinking Outside the Matzo Ball

Occasionally, a fresh look at old traditions can produce some wonderful results. As Terri and I planned this year’s Passover Seder, I decided to introduce a twist to the otherwise mundane Matzo Ball Soup. On completion of the basic chicken stock, I went East for some inspiration and infused the stock with a mixture of […]

Four Essential Elements

Executing a great multi-course, wine-paired dinner for a large number of guests requires four essential elements: significant Preparation and Practice, exceptional Products, and Passion. Without all four elements combining with one another, one could still execute a good meal, but the likelihood of it being great is slim to none. By now, many of you […]

Innovations Everywhere You Look

I received an unexpected holiday gift last week. My brother sent me a gadget the likes of which I’d not previously seen. This particular device is used for saving wine from spoiling if the bottle is not consumed the day it is opened. Since my wife enjoys drinking white wine, and I prefer red, and […]